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Fallen Folktales
Ongoing collection of black and white comics with a dark take on cherished childhood stories.  Wee Willie Winkie is the first one to go.
The Gray Judge
When a family blames Susan Renner, spokeswoman for gray wolf protections, for the death of their little girl, hired hunter Kevin Hudson is compelled to serve as her protector. But as the situation worsens, Kevin grows more brutal, jeopardizing the safety of the very woman he would save. 116 interior pages. Mature.
The Boy and the Dragon
Seventeen page comic about  a lonely boy who loses his only friend, a dragon with whom he can be reunited only after a long and arduous journey. 
All ages.
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June 23, 2017- Snow Witch added to Fallen Folktales
May 2017- There Came a Great Spider added to Fallen Folktales
April 9, 2017- The Culling of Tin Woodman
March 19, 2017- Hey Diddle Diddle added to Fallen Folktales
February 12, 2017- The Fig Mother added to Fallen Folktales
Jan 25, 2017- The Gray Judge PDF added to store for pay-what-you-want
Jan 4, 2017- even more updates, Wee Willie Winkie added to Fallen Folktales
Dec 2016- new site lauched, full issues of The Gray Judge part 1 and 2 added and part 5 preview added